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Technical Information

Concrete is an engineering material that simulates the properties of rock and is a combination of particles closely bound together. It is simply a blend of aggregates, normally natural sand, and gravel or crushed rock. Ask a Viola Ready Mix representative for any questions or information regarding ready mix materials.

The Basics of Concrete Mixing for Construction Projects

Concrete mixing is a vital process in construction, involving the combination of cement, aggregate (such as sand and gravel), and water to create a uniform mixture. By adjusting ingredient ratios, a range of concrete types can be made, with additional materials like slag and ash sometimes used in the mix. Proper blending is critical to achieving desired strength and consistency, and curing is necessary for optimal strength. Specialized equipment and experience are necessary for success, and ready-mix concrete delivery services can help ensure accurate and efficient results. Viola Ready Mix provides trusted expertise and customized mix designs to ensure success in your construction projects.

The amount of time it takes for Standard Concrete to set will depend on the type of concrete mix you are using, as well as the environmental conditions like air temperature, humidity, and wind speed. Generally, it can be expected for concrete to take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours to fully set. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a faster-setting concrete mix, where Viola Ready Mix can offer this type of mix with our Performance Concrete products

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